Year 8 Fayre 2017

This term, year 8 have been looking at the importance of community in their PSHEE lessons and the great work that is done in our local community by charities.

Part of the unit of work meant dividing into smaller groups and researching a different charity and then pitching to their form tutor why their charity should be chosen. Form tutors then made their decision based on the quality of pitches they heard. After establishing the charity, form groups undertook two fundraising elements:

The first was an activity undertaken by the whole form group together and activities included a sponsored walk, run or cycle ride.

The second element was year 8 running a summer Fayre for year 7 pupils to attend during PSHEE. Year 8's worked in small groups and there were dozens of stalls for year 7's to take part in, including bottle flip challenge, spot the famous name, 50ml water challenge, nerf gun challenge, cotton wool challenge, ball pools and guessing events. Each stall cost 20pence to have a go on and pupils were very positive, enthusiastic and well behaved. The Year 7s had a great time helping raise funds for fantastic causes.