Our Ethos

What do we believe?

We believe that the students here deserve our trust and for this reason, they are allowed in school for the break and lunch-time periods. These arrangements contribute to the school's friendly atmosphere. In return, we expect responsible and considerate behaviour.

On those odd occasions when these high standards have to be re-enforced, we employ a variety of approaches. One such sanction is to detain the student beyond the school day; in these cases, we always give 24 hours notice to parents. In rare cases of anti-social behaviour, the Headteacher has the right to exclude a pupil from school for a fixed period, or in extreme cases, permanently. In either case, the Chair of Governors is kept informed of each exclusion. In ALL cases, parents are contacted as soon as possible and requested to attend with their son or daughter immediately after the term of exclusion is over. Letters to parents will always explain the reason for exclusion, the length of the fixed period, the arrangements for re-admission, and procedures for making representations about the 'punishment'. The school keeps records of exclusions and these are reported to the Governing Body.

Responsibility and Conduct

However, the ethos of the school is founded on the principle that the school exists for the benefit of the pupils. We give them responsibility, as they progress up the school both for their own behaviour and work and for a large number, the organisation and behaviour of others in the school. While pupils are with us, we are responsible for their behaviour and conduct and they must never leave the campus without permission.

The school has several systems and procedures for giving praise, and for administering punishment. Underlining all our relations with the children is the close partnership that is fostered with parents. As professionals, we strive to ensure that all of our dealings with parents are calm and constructive. Parents will gain most from our help when they commit themselves to the same approach. One of the major aims of the school is to provide an environment and ethos where constructive relations are a priority - between students and between the teaching and support staff and students. The positive atmosphere enables and supports youngsters to be motivated to achieve this full potential across their own unique range of abilities and talents.

Building Relationships

Within the broad aim exist many different procedures that are the philosophy in practice. Some of the following points underline the importance we attach to building relationships:

Teaching and learning policies at KHS

The Teaching and Learning Principles are a core component within Kesgrave High School, Click the link below to download our teaching and learning policy document: