Sixth Form Open evening

Thursday 6 October 2016 6.30pm - 8.30pm. An opportunity for prospective students to visit the Sixth Form, meet staff and discuss subjects. New applicants to KHS are also encouraged to apply to attend our Post 16 Opportunities Day on Friday 25 November 2016.

How to Apply

Kesgrave Year 11 Pupils. It is essential that you discuss your subject choices fully with teachers and parents. Further details of the content of courses may be obtained from the appropriate Head of Department. You will be given dedicated PSHE time to address concerns about subject choices and future pathways. There are also opportunities to speak to a member of the sixth form management team.

New Applicants. Students who join Kesgrave from other schools are full and equal members of the Sixth Form. The sixth form prospectus and application form is available to be downloaded here: Application Form and Prospectus. Or you can contact the school via email or speak to Mrs Wheatley (Head of Sixth Form). We have an open morning on the 27th January 2017 where you can see the sixth form in action.

Applications Deadlines

  • Applications Deadline for KHS pupils - Friday 27 January 2017

  • Applications Deadline for new applicants - Friday 3 February 2017

  • We will consider applications from all students who apply by this date. Any applications received after this date will be placed on a reserve list. Completed application forms will be accepted from October.


    Interviewing For KHS students, this will take place on Friday 10 February 2017

    You will be interviewed with your parents or guardians and will need to bring in your Portfolio.

    Interviewing For New Applicants, interviews will happen in April 2017. Again we ask that you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    KELFI applicants will attend a football trial during April (time TBC), interviews will be in April 2017

    (Interviews are not conducted for selection purposes, but are intended to allow for consultation regarding applicants’ suitability for proposed courses)

    Tours and Inductions

    Post 16 Opportunities Day - Friday 25 November 2016. This day will allow all students to attend 'taster' lessons in at least 3 subjects - Students not at Kesgrave should speak to staff during Open Evening regarding this.

    Sixth Form Open Morning - Friday 27 January 2017. If you are interested in a tour of the school and meeting our staff and students, join us for our open morning. Book your place by contacting Mrs Smith.

    Induction Morning – Wednesday 5th July 2017. The morning offers an opportunity to meet other members of the year group. You will take part in team building activities and familiarisation with AS courses and demands.

    Registration/Enrolment – Monday 4th September 2017. This is where you will register and meet you 6th form tutor. It is a final opportunity to confirm or change your subject choices.

    Courses Begin – Wednesday 6th September 2017