Expeditions with KHS

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form has a proud record of encouraging our students to “look beyond” their academic studies and has, in the past, provided opportunities for teams to travel to South Africa, Greece and Zambia to participate in conservation and community based projects. These educational visits have always had a profound impact on the students and have promoted communication, team work and leadership skills and provided them with a unique opportunity to develop these skills further whilst on expedition in an unfamiliar environment. Skills that we believe will help them through their remaining studies and in later life.

Only students attending KHS Sixth Form are eligible, but there is no requirement for any specific subject knowledge. However, it must be emphasised that a student’s sixth form studies must come first and all team members will be expected to maintain commitment towards their studies.

Expeditions are about personal improvement, a true life experience, they are tough and are certainly not holidays - students expecting luxury should not apply! Expeditions do not suit everyone and hardships will need to be endured, but those students with an ambitious and adventurous spirit can look forward to an experience that they will never forget.

For further details please contact Miss Anderson (Head of Environmental Science) or Mr Stapleton (Assistant Headteacher).